martes, 3 de abril de 2012

I'm leaving.

Here I am, writing my last song for you. I can't stay another day. I'll throw the pages on the floor. I'm starting over like before. I'll change this stupid ending and stay with you forever more. But when I'm lying next to you it's hard to bargain with the truth, cause when you know the love is gone the time has come to write your last song... There you are smiling at me from the next room, beautiful as the first day I met you. And I'm so sorry. I couldn't be the one to love you the way that you deserve to be.

It's hard to think of you and I as total strangers.
I've lived this last goodbye a million times or more in my mind.

I'm gonna miss you but I can't go back.
Even just to kiss you cause I can't exist just living a lie.

It's killing me to know that it's your last song.

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