viernes, 11 de enero de 2013

Coïncidence? Je ne pense pas.

Looking at the discography, I noticed that some albums like the first one and the last one are extremely close to this concept, almost like pure descriptive albums; like the description of this place or of this heaven. But the second one ‘Écailles de Lune’ is more like the relationship between my own life and this experience. It’s a bit more down to earth and therefore it’s darker. It’s the feeling of missing this place, so it’s more melancholy. The next one will be a bit like the confrontation between the two opposites and how I deal with those feelings.

I still believe in this and even more now. With Alcest, after the shows and in email, I receive messages from people saying they have had the same thing or they know someone who has had the same thing. I see that I’m not the only one and that’s so good. I never wanted to prove anything to anyone because it’s my business and my faith. I have a huge respect for people of all opinions, but still I think this music has a lot of good energies. Anyone can take these energies without following the concept behind. Just feel that it’s good.

...I think it’s the human aspect. Things like knowing people for two months, going with my bandmates and having great moments with them and speaking with the fans at the end of the shows. When I have a good show and feel good, I go to the merch area. I like to speak to people and to know what they thought. That’s the thing I like the most. If the show is bad, I just go to hide in my bunk!

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