viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

The limit of the senses

I think that as human beings we are enclosed in our body, and maybe some people had, kind of, open doors. And maybe I had the chance when I was a child to have something open in my mind. And people think it’s a fairytale, but no! It’s real. I did experience something. And I’m not able to speak about this so much because it’s beyond words...
I simply can’t describe it. It’s not like something you see, it’s not something you hear, it’s a kind of totally different perception. And I like to speak about the limit of the body and of the senses, because I think that we are very extremely limited. For example, there are some animals that can hear sounds we cannot hear. They all have a way to see the reality. I think reality is always subjective, and we don’t know what is for real apart from the fact that we see it with our eyes, we smell it, touch it... But we don’t know more.

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